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Post-Judgment Modifications

Post Judgment Modifications In Connecticut

Westport Divorce Attorneys skillfully represent clients in Post Judgment Modification of Alimony, Child Support, Child Custody, Visitation, and Parenting Plans

Divorce and custody orders are predicated on what circumstances exist at the time a Court order is entered. No matter how much information exists at that time, however, significant changes can occur that make a previously entered judgment inappropriate or unfair. Representing clients throughout Fairfield County, Needle | Cuda provides strong legal advice and advocacy to Connecticut residents in cases involving family law modifications. From our office in Westport, we assist clients who are paying alimony and child support and those that are receiving support in matters where someone is looking to alter child support, alimony terms and custody orders.

Qualifying thresholds for Post Judgment Modification of Alimony and Parenting Orders in Connecticut Divorce

Connecticut Post Judgement ModificationsAs experienced Connecticut family law attorneys, we can advise you regarding proposed modifications to previously entered judgments relating to:

  • Alimony — New relationships and shifting financial fortunes might persuade a court to revise alimony terms. When a recipient spouse cohabits, or a judge finds that a substantial change in financial circumstances has occurred, modifications can be made.
  • Child support — You cannot alter a child support order on your own. If an income gain or loss would result in a change of at least 15 percent in the ordered rate, our firm can prepare a Motion for Modification as well as the supporting documentation and Financial Affidavit. We also represent parents seeking to oppose unwarranted changes.
  • Custody and visitation — All child custody and visitation orders are based on what is in the best interests of the child/children. We know that this standard can be difficult to evaluate, but we are confident we can deliver a thorough assessment on how to best present a case to prove a move or some other modification will be best for your child’s physical, emotional, educational and social needs.

No matter how long ago your divorce occurred or whether you’re seeking a modification or trying to prevent one, we’ll give you the knowledge and support you need to pursue your objectives.

Material Changes in Financial Circumstances, Substance Abuse, Domestic Abuse and Relocation in Post Judgment Modification in Connecticut Divorce

Our seasoned lawyers represent clients in negotiations and court proceedings associated with:

  • Relocation — When a custodial parent seeks to move the children for a job opportunity, a romantic relationship or to care for a relative, a modification of custody is a serious issue that is governed by Connecticut statutes. We have successfully handled many issues revolving around complex custody matters that can be life altering.
  • Financial changes — A substantial increase or loss in income might justify a shift in alimony or a child support rate.
  • Health or substance abuse issues — Though custody and visitation determinations are designed to maintain strong relationships between children and both parents, a health or substance abuse problem could create the need for immediate changes.
  • Neglect or mistreatment — Parents who don’t meet their obligations or present a risk to their child can have their parental access limited or eliminated.

If you believe that a post-judgment modification might be warranted or you have received a request for a change, we’ll deliver comprehensive support and work diligently to reach a favorable result.

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Needle | Cuda advises Connecticut clients on post-judgment modifications to family law orders and other issues pertaining to divorce, custody and visitation. Please call 203-429-4151 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our office in Westport.

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