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Experienced. Savvy. Straightforward. Westport Family Law attorneys serving Fairfield County, CT
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Westport Family Law Attorneys Address Your Urgent Concerns

Experienced Connecticut lawyers provide candid advice focused on your specific needs

At Needle | Cuda, we know when you come to see us, you may be going through the most difficult time of your life. That’s why we style ourselves a “high touch” law firm with a premium on client service. In the comfort of our welcoming Westport office, we discuss your situation thoroughly and provide the information and guidance you need to make a well-informed decision about how you’d like to proceed. We focus on family law and limit the number of cases we undertake so we can provide the personal attention you deserve, while building a positive working relationship that inspires confidence. Over decades of practice, our cases throughout Fairfield County have involved couples with significant net worth, so you can trust our ability to manage complex property settlement issues. If you are seeking strong, effective legal representation for divorce or family law, Needle | Cuda can deliver.

Straightforward advice from savvy Fairfield County lawyers

At Needle | Cuda, we understand your need for candid legal advice from a trustworthy source.  When you come to us with a family law problem, you’ll find we are:
  • Reputable — Our attorneys have established themselves as skilled litigators and reliable authorities on Connecticut family law. Our colleagues at law know us as formidable opponents and principled advocates for our clients’ rights.
  • Responsive — We are always mindful that our role as counselors requires us to be attentive, accessible, and proactive. Once we understand your goals for yourself and your family, we implement effective strategies designed to deliver the results you need.
  • Comprehensive — We are very detail-oriented and work tirelessly to achieve lasting resolutions to your family law disputes. We know we can only succeed by understanding your unique circumstances and addressing the totality of your concerns. We draw on outside resources, consulting a range of experts whose input is vital to helping us achieve our clients’ goals.
Our firm combines indispensable experience with a passionate desire to help our clients secure their future.
Areas Of Practice

Our singular focus enables optimum results in divorce and family law cases

At Needle | Cuda, we focus exclusively on divorce (dissolution of marriage) and family law (which involves a wide range legal issues that arise pre-marriage, during a marriage, and post-marriage – both between spouses and in matters involving children and with parental rights). Our specialization allows our firm to keep abreast of all developments in Connecticut family law so we can better represent your interests.

A divorce matter (the dissolution of a marriage) has three main components that ultimately require formal resolution between the parties before an agreement can be presented before a family court on behalf of the parties:  kids, assets, and income.

The component relating to kids (when applicable) includes physical custody and legal custody.  Needle | Cuda has extensive experience resolving every kind of child custody dispute you can imagine (e.g. visitation, education, travel, religious education, medical/healthcare, relocation, Covid-19 related welfare concerns, etc.) and can expertly negotiate and define an enforceable, long-term parenting plan that works for you, your children and your life.

The component of a divorce matter related to marital assets involves a detailed accounting process through which the marital assets are both identified and valued so that an agreement may be formed to divide and distribute them.  Assets typically include: real estate, investment accounts, retirement accounts, 401(k) plans, annuities, ownership interests in family and/or closely held businesses, and other types of complex property ownership (e.g. intellectual property, artwork, antiques, etc.)  Needle | Cuda works extensively with an experienced network of valuation experts, accounting professionals, and subject matter specialists who can be called upon to complete complex property and business valuations that are unique to your situation.

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To reserve a consultation, call us today at 203-429-4151 Contact our Westport, CT family law firm for savvy and straightforward legal counsel
  • "Melissa is a fine lawyer who has mastered the art of combining legal ability, strategic thinking and a sense of humanity towards her client. She is a pleasure to work with and I’d strongly recommend her." - Mark

  • "At a very difficult and emotional time, Atty Needle helped to keep things calm. Professional, thorough and to the point, Melissa helped to guide me in the right direction. She quickly gained my trust so I felt confident with the legal councel I received. Atty Needle’s ability to keep things positive while getting the job done is what stands out the most when someone asks about my experience." - anonymous

  • "I spent 11 long years in the system. I would not have been trapped there for so long if I had Attorney Melissa Needle as my counsel from the beginning. She was a ray of sunshine in the very dark world of divorce and in my never ending storm. Melissa gave me back my freedom and not only brought justice to the ones who were trying to defy the system, but she defended me from many unjust accusations. I have spoken to countless lawyers..." - anonymous

  • "Melissa was extremely helpful as I went through my divorce process. She delivered great legal advice with a lot of technical excellence through some very complex employment compensation issues. However, more importantly, she understood my emotions and end goals and was able to communicate practically, patiently and with compassion to deliver a favorable result." - Dan

  • "Melissa has professionally represented me for over 12 years; guiding me thru the legal & emotional hurdles of a difficult divorce, thru a court modification process to the original agreement, thru an appeal to that modification, & thru another full court hearing on the modification...all with fair & positive rulings in my favor. I have & will continue to recommend her legal services to others." - Bill

  • Guiding You Through the Connecticut Divorce Process

    Savvy Fairfield County attorneys provide trustworthy advice focused on your goals

    If you have decided to dissolve your marriage, or if your spouse has served you with divorce papers, you are probably wondering, “What happens now?” At Needle | Cuda, we understand your apprehension, and we want to set your mind at ease. You have many options when it comes to the divorce process, litigation strategy and trial tactics. However, your choices must be appropriate for your specific circumstances and your goals for life after your divorce.
  • Established Family Law Firm Assists Westport Clients

    Effective legal representation in Connecticut for the issues that strike close to home

    When a legal issue is hanging over your family, casting doubt about your future and your security, it’s important to get trustworthy advice and effective representation from an attorney who truly understands this area of the law. Needle | Cuda is a boutique law firm dedicated entirely to the practice of family law. Our sharp focus makes us aware of the nuances that can be decisive in complex litigation and enables us to keep pace with developments in the law, so we can better serve our clients.
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