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Mediation and Arbitration – NY

New York Law Firm Explains How Mediation and Arbitration Can Help Divorcing Spouses Resolve Issues

Brewster attorneys advise clients about alternative dispute resolution methods

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Attorney Kevin C. Brown

When spouses can’t agree on the terms of their divorce, the process can become very long and contentious. Sometimes alternative dispute resolution methods can help parties who are divorcing reach consensus while avoiding the time and expense associated with trial. At Needle | Cuda, located in Brewster, we help clients understand whether mediation or arbitration may be a viable option as they navigate the divorce process.

Needle | Cuda: Divorce and Family Law provides exemplary legal services throughout Putnam, Dutchess, Suffolk and Westchester counties as well as New York City.

What is divorce mediation?

In mediation, an impartial third-party attempts to assist spouses in resolving their differences regarding property division, child custody, spousal support and other areas of divorce. Mediators do not provide legal advice and do not represent either spouse. They can make recommendations on issue resolution, but they do not make final decisions. Rather, they guide discussions to try and help spouses reach fair agreements that they can both live with. Parties can choose to engage in private mediation to resolve issues as long as they both agree to it.

If you are considering mediation, our skilled attorneys can explain how the process may or may not benefit your situation. If you reach agreement with your spouse on all the issues during mediation, we can review the terms before you sign anything to ensure that your rights and interests are considered and protected.

Contact our Brewster law firm to learn about mediation and arbitration in divorce

If you are interested in mediation or arbitration as a possible way to resolve issues in your New York divorce, our experienced attorneys at Needle | Cuda in Brewster can answer your questions about these processes. Call us today at 203-557-9500 or contact us online to schedule a time to speak with one of our attorneys.

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