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Parenting Plans – CT

Divorce and Parenting Plans

A Parenting Plan is a written agreement (and essential component of an overall divorce decree/agreement) between two parents that lays out their rights and responsibilities concerning the care of their children. It is also used to avoid any type of conflict that may arise in the future. A parenting plan typically includes: legal custody, physical custody, and detailed parenting schedules. While collaboration and active cooperation between parents is ideal for defining the related schedules that compose a parenting plan and the component decisions related to legal custody (e.g. education, healthcare, religious observance, etc.), it is not always possible to agree.

Needle | Cuda is always prepared to forcefully pursue a parenting plan and custody arrangement that is both practical and enforceable. Preferably, the parties to a divorce should work openly and collaboratively to design a comprehensive plan that provides each parent with quality time with the children and the opportunity to develop positive, lasting parent-child relationships.

What is a Parenting Plan?

Parenting Plans AttorneyA Parenting Plan is one of the main elements in a divorce decree/agreement. The Parenting Plan that is developed in the process of your divorce will have a profound impact on the relationship that you have with your children and the future dynamics of your family relationships post-divorce. It is therefore critical to involve experienced family lawyers to design and craft a comprehensive and thoughtful plan.

What elements must be included in a Parenting Plan under Connecticut Law?

Connecticut Law requires that a Parenting Plan include the following:

  • A schedule that describes the children’s living arrangements (a.k.a. physical custody);
  • A schedule that describes the day to day responsibilities of each parent and the practical considerations of the children’s daily lives;
  • A listing and description of decision-making authorities of the parents (a.k.a. Legal Custody and all its components) — (e.g. healthcare, education, religious upbringing);
  • An inventory of each child’s specific needs over time;
  • An outline for dispute resolution that will be used — should any arise;
  • Articulation of specific remedies if or when either parent fails to comply with the Parenting Plan;
  • Description of parental actions and de-escalation steps designed to minimize conflicts between parents;

Many other nuanced issues and questions can and are often addressed in Parenting Plans (some examples):

  • Who will provide health insurance for the children?
  • Which third parties may or may not visit and communicate with the children?
  • How will the co-parents communicate with each other and/or with the children?
  • What is the procedure for overnight transitions and drop-offs?
  • Who gets to attend which school activities?
  • Which parent gets to claim the dependent tax deduction?
  • What happens if one parent must relocate?
  • Detailed schedules, rules, and parameters for Vacation, Holidays, and Special Occasions (e.g. general holidays, school vacations, birthdays, weddings, graduations, funerals, days of religious observance), etc.)

Needle | Cuda is committed to helping families in Fairfield County, Connecticut develop Parenting Plans that work for their unique circumstances and requirements. Our firm recognizes that nothing is more critical that a well-developed Parenting Plan to preserve the care, safety, and well being of your children. We further recognize that your Parenting Plan will serve as the foundation around which you will develop and build positive, long-term relationships with your children and redefine your family in the years following your divorce. Our experience and focus enables us to help arm you with the most effective tools possible so you are equipped manage through all the unpredictable parental challenges on the road ahead.

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