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Divorce Doesn’t Suck with Wendy Sloane (Podcast)

Divorce Doesn’t Suck with Wendy Lowy Sloane (Podcast)

Attorney Melissa Needle, Sponsor and Content Contributor to Divorce Doesn't Suck Podcast with Wendy Lowy Sloane

Attorney Melissa Needle

Wendy Lowy Sloane, Host of Divorce Doesn't Suck Podcast

Wendy Lowy Sloane

Needle | Cuda is a proud sponsor of Wendy Lowy Sloane’s informative podcast, Divorce Doesn’t Suck.

Needle | Cuda is honored to sponsor “Divorce Doesn’t Suck,” the engaging podcast hosted by Wendy Lowy Sloane that offers fresh perspectives on life post-divorce. As a frequent guest and contributor, Attorney Melissa Needle from Needle | Cuda shares her in-depth knowledge on a myriad of divorce-related issues. With each episode, Melissa provides clarity and compassionate guidance on everything from navigating custody disputes to untangling complex financial matters, shining a light on the road to a hopeful future after divorce. Discover the invaluable insights shared by Melissa in her featured episodes as we support this empowering resource for those embarking on their new beginnings.


Divorce Doesn’t Suck – Series Description (Podcast) 

Hosted by Wendy Lowy Sloane, “Divorce Doesn’t Suck” is not just a podcast; it’s a beacon of hope for anyone navigating the challenging waters of divorce. With a rich background in media production and a personal journey through divorce, Wendy brings empathy, expertise, and enthusiasm to each episode, engaging with experts such as Attorney Melissa Needle to offer invaluable advice and stories of resilience and renewal.

 Host Wendy Lowy Sloane focuses on the happily ever after…after divorce. It’s a podcast that highlights the possibilities and opportunities—the chance to live a fulfilled and happy life.

 The popular podcast explores every aspect of divorce, including kids, finances, dating, sex, and starting over.

Episodes featuring Attorney Melissa Needle:


Season 1 – Mapping Your New Path Forward (with Attorney Melissa Needle)



Divorce Doesn't Suck with Wendy Lowy Sloane and Attorney Melissa Needle

Episode 1: How to Hire a Divorce Attorney…

Episode 2:  The Anatomy of a Connecticut Divorce 

Episode 3:  Getting Started with your Divorce Attorney 

Episode 4:  The Strategy and Priorities in Connecticut Divorce – Part 1 (Custody)

Episode 5: The Strategy and Priorities in Connecticut Divorce – Part 2 (Assets and Income)

Episode 6: Contested Custody and Connecticut Divorce 

Episode 7: Extreme Personalities and Aggravating Factors in Connecticut Divorce

Episode 8: Depositions and Expert Testimony in Connecticut Divorce

Episode 9: The Dispute Resolution Process: What it is and What it Means to You…

Episode 10: The Do’s and Don’t(s) of Connecticut Divorce

Episode 11: How to Protect Your Family Business in Connecticut Divorce 

Episode 12: Getting the Right Mindset for Divorce


SEASON 2 – Mapping Your New Path Forward (with Attorney Melissa Needle)


Episode 1: Frozen Embryos and Connecticut Divorce


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