Updated Connecticut Judicial Branch Schedule for Family Court Cases
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Updated Connecticut Judicial Branch Schedule (Covid-19 Shutdown) for Family Court Cases

Connecticut Judicial Branch Schedule Update – Family Court

The statewide shutdown due to COVID-19 continues to restrict the normal flow business in family and matrimonial law matters heard before the Superior Court.

Connecticut Courts remain in an state of unprecedented, limited operation:

  1. Limited courthouses open;
  2. Limited days/hours of operation;
  3. Limited access to courthouses;
  4. Limited filings being acted upon (Priority 1 Matters);

Only “Priority 1 Business Functions” are being acted on right now by the CT Superior Court. 

For Family Court purposes, that means only the following:

  1. Civil and family orders of relief from abuse/civil protection orders (restraining orders)
  2. Ex parte motions
  3. Emergency ex parte orders of temporary custody

As of April 20, 20202 the CT Family Court will hear approvals of temporary agreements (without court appearance) and Non-adversarial Divorces as part of its list of “priority matters”, albeit remotely. 

These items include:

  • Entering orders pursuant to Requests for Approval of temporary agreement without court appearance;
  • Approval of joint Petitions for Non-Adversarial Dissolutions;
  • Withdrawal of action;
  • Requests to conform;
  • Judges’ orders where notice could be by SCRAM or JDNO;
  • Any outstanding judgment files;
  • QDROs in electronic files;
  • Memoranda in electronic files that have e-filers on both sides;
  • Restoration of name in electronic files;
  • Case Management Agreements for uncontested;
  • Requests for Conciliation;
  • Motions for reconciliation;

The formal notice from the Connecticut Judicial Branch is available at:


In addition, starting April 20, 2020, there are a number of other actions which will be available again in family cases.  Those are also all actions which can be taken remotely, including issuance of certain orders and administrative actions by the Court, as well as processing of QDROs (in electronic cases).  That notice from the Connecticut Judicial Branch is available at:


As further steps toward more regular functioning, the Connecticut Supreme Court and Appellate Court will begin hearing oral argument in pending appeals remotely, as per the notice available at:


What other matters the Courts will be considering during this period remains an evolving question.

The Connecticut Appellate and Supreme Courts remain open, but time requirements are suspended, no appellate preargument conferences are being held, and no oral argument is currently being scheduled.

Connecticut Judicial Branch COVID-19 updates available at:






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