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Domestic Violence Abuse Concerns Rise with Covid-19

Domestic Violence, Spousal Abuse, and Child Abuse Concerns on the Rise with Coronavirus

While social distancing may now be the norm in Connecticut because of COVID-19, it is also forcing family units into closer, sustained proximity with each other.  That may in many cases be a good chance for even closer bonding, as people weather this crisis together and their immediate family members are the only ones who can come within six feet of them (when that’s possible).  The situation is also laden with a host of potential problems.  Parents are not going to work, children are not going to school, and stress is running high for any number of reasons.  In this environment, the risk is greater than ever for tension to boil over into domestic violence— and for a victim’s escape routes from an abuser to be even more limited.

At least so far, the Connecticut Superior Court remains open and will still hear certain limited emergency matters, including civil restraining orders (applications for relief from abuse) and emergency custody motions.  If you need legal assistance, please consult an experienced family lawyer.  The office of Needle | Cuda remains open and providing an array of legal options for you to choose from during the current crisis.

If you are concerned about domestic abuse, you can also contact domestic violence programs which are doing their best to still be of assistance during these difficult times of social distancing.  Among others, the Greenwich YWCA domestic abuse hotline is 203-622-0003; the Bridgeport Center for Family Justice domestic abuse hotline is 203-384-9559; and the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence/CTSafeConnect domestic abuse hotline is 888-774-2900.




This issue has been identified in a variety of media already.  For further reading, consider the following, among numerous resources to discuss the issue online:

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